Marketplace for Friday, February 20, 2009

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Marketplace for Friday, February 20, 2009

U.K. dancing film jigs for distributor

The success of movies like "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Full Monty" have made British film makers hopeful their movies will follow the same path. Stephen Beard reports on one dancing film its director hopes will jig all the way to a U.S. audience.
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Clinton talks climate change with China

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wraps up her Asian tour in China. One of the things she hopes to discuss is how the U.S. and China can collaborate to reduce carbon emissions. Scott Tong reports.

Weekly Wrap: Tough times for markets

It was a busy week -- from stimulus and mortgage plans to another Ponzi schemer being caught. T. Rowe Price's Andy Brooks and Wall Street Journal's Heidi Moore talk to Tess Vigeland about the hammering we took this week.

Golden opportunity at gold parties

With the price of an ounce of gold breaking the $1,000 mark, some people are looking to cash in -- with gold parties. Ronni Radbill reports on the growing popularity of these parties, where you can sell gold for cash.

Housing plan raises ethical questions

Mortgage relief is on its way, but not everyone who will receive help from Obama's housing plan may warrant it. Is it fair? Tess Vigeland speaks with ethics columnist Randy Cohen about the questions involved in paying for our neighbors' mortgages.
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Mortgage bailout plan sparks anger

President Obama's housing plan will help nearly 9 million homeowners avoid foreclosure or refinance. But the plan is drawing ire from homeowners who won't be receiving any help. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Nationalization talk sinks bank stocks

Bank of America and Citigroup's shares continue to slide to record lows. Some analysts blame this on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's reluctance to make a decision about bank nationalization. Bob Moon reports.

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