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A meteor strikes Russia and shakes the economy. A team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore builds the ICU of the future. Now facing murder charges, Oscar Pistorius joins a long list of professional athletes in legal jeopardy, moral trouble or both. Mark Garrison takes a look at how corporate sponsors like Nike respond. Meanwhile, we wonder if applying for EU membership would help the U.S. government figure out how to manage its debt. After all, in order to be admitted to the eurozone, countries had to get their deficits and long term debt way down. And reporter and commentator Julia Angwin defriended all of her friends on Facebook this week because she is worried about privacy. But will her friends defriend her in real life because of it?  

Car crash videos you can't stop watching, and why Russian corruption is to blame

Russian corruption has forced many people to install dashboard cameras to protect themselves against false charges or claims of liability. All those cameras have an unforeseen side effect -- they've helped create some incredible viral videos.
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Look, up in the sky ... a gold mine in space?

Asteroids like the one that flew by Earth on Friday could hold a treasure trove of precious metals.
Posted In: meteor, mining, space

Phew! U.S. can't join the euro

A look at America's debt and deficit trouble through the lens of European economic standards.
Posted In: Eurozone, debt, GDP

The economy + Valentine's Day = True love?

On Thursday, American Airlines and US Airways officially announced their long-rumored merger. And Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway said it made a match with Ketchup giant Heinz, in a deal worth billions.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, State of the Union, Congress, sequestration

Facebook privacy issues: Not the only reason I'm 'unfriending' you

Commentator Julia Angwin says erosion of privacy on Facebook left her little choice.
Posted In: Facebook, social media

Oscar Pistorius murder: Cautionary tale for sponsors?

Athletes are no strangers to controversy, posing dilemmas for corporate sponsors. Pistorius is the latest challenge for Nike, whose problem children have included Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and NFL quarterback Michael Vick.
Posted In: Nike, Olympics

How to fix hospital horror stories that start in the ICU

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is pioneering the ICU of the future to help keep the sickest patients from getting sicker.
Posted In: ICU, hospital

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