Marketplace for Friday, February 14, 2014

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President Obama’s aid for Western states hurt by drought shows the limits of what can be done without… rain. His main point, buried in his plan, is to look forward to continued climate change and prepare communities and industries to be “resilient” in the face of new conditions. Plus, the latest digital area of intense competition is messaging apps, which provide wide-ranging communication services that will challenge not only instant messaging, but also companies like Skype. Later, Pandora uses what it knows about our musical taste to lure political advertisers. The promise and the peril. And finally: The debut of the second season of the smash hit House of Cards doesn’t just mark the success of Netflix – it’s also an indicator of the enormous changes wrought in the televisual entertainment business.

What happens at Netflix when House of Cards goes live

A dispatch from the Netflix war room during last season's launch.
Posted In: house of cards, netflix, television, streaming

Taxi cab theater drives creative funding

How does a theater with a maximum three person audience make money?
Posted In: theater, taxi

Messaging apps: Skype has competition. Facebook too.

A Japanese company bets $900 million that Viber will take over your phone. Their goal: to take the place of smartphones.
Posted In: messaging, skype, Facebook, Viber

Under Armour's speed skating #SochiFail

The U.S. speed skating team asks for new uniforms
Posted In: speed skating, under armour, Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympics

President Obama calls California drought plan 'climate resilience'

Look forward to continued climate change, says President Obama in California today

Weekly Wrap: Settling beer bets

Kai talks to Nela Richardson and Cardiff Garcia. Bets are settled.
Posted In: debt ceiling

Pandora uses data on your musical taste to lure political advertisers

You like Bob Marley, because: a) You’re a pot-smoking liberal. B) You’re a libertarian. C) You had a great time in Jamaica during college
Posted In: pandora, Political ads

The real cost of Valentine's Day

Or, you could opt to spend no money, but...
Posted In: valentine, Valentine's Day, chocolate, flowers, marriage

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