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2011 was a year of leadership changes and a rise in cloud computing in the world of Silicon Valley. IBM joins other tech giants and gets a new CEO. Verizon has reversed its decision to add a new $2 fee; Eve Troeh looks at how customers fought back on fees this year. The Weekly Wrap talks about the most negative and positive news from Wall Street in 2011, while the Dinner Party guys offer their favorite offbeat stories. And as a biopic of Margaret Thatcher opens this weekend in theaters, Stephen Beard visits the former U.K. prime minister's hometown.

Thatcher's legacy disputed, even in her hometown

The movie about Margaret Thatcher has mixed reviews. Opinions on the former British prime minister are also divided.
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2011 in review: The changes in Silicon Valley

The big corner-office changes this past year, and why your living room is the next, big battleground for tech giants like Apple and Google.
Posted In: cloud, cloud computing, apple, Google, Hp, 2011

Weekly Wrap: The year on Wall Street

Reviewing the most negative and positive headlines from Wall Street and the business world this year.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Wall Street, 2011

Verizon reversal caps the year of the fee

2011 goes down in history as the year businesses pushed too far on fees.
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When customers push back on fees

Verizon's had its "B of A moment," reversing on its decision to add a new fee after customers retaliated.
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IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining

Virginia Rometty takes over leadership of "Big Blue," and sees a profitable future in making sense of the growing mountain of digital data.
Posted In: IBM, data mining, analytics

Best of 'Small Talk' in 2011

A showcase of the most amusing under-the-radar business stories of 2011.

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