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For 1.3 million unemployed Americans, long-term unemployment benefits expire this weekend.  The loss of that spending power may not make a big dent in the economy, but it could make one in local communities. Also, McDonald’s is shutting down McResource, a website that offers tips to employees -- like using food stamps to supplement income, and avoiding unhealthy food like fast food burgers and fries.  Last year, Apple was mocked for its “Genius Training Manual.”  Do leaks like this change how companies communicate with, and train, staff in an age where internal materials can easily go viral? And finally, narrative storytelling is gaining popularity and the internet's taking notice. Will long-form journalism save magazine writing?

"Duck Dynasty" suspension ends: Phil Robertson rejoins his family

The cable channel A&E announced this afternoon Phil Robertson and the whole "Duck Dynasty" gang are coming back.
Posted In: Duck Dynasty

Why long-form journalism is everywhere these days

Despite seemingly shrinking attention-spans, in-depth reporting is making a comeback.
Posted In: journalism, publishing

Europeans pay Paris Hilton $100,000 to DJ

In which Paris Hilton is a world-class disc jockey.
Posted In: Paris Hilton

How hopeful can we be about the 2014 economy?

Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary and John Carney from CNBC say that the optimism to end this year could help kick-off 2014.
Posted In: NASDAQ, Twitter, NYSE

Taxicabs without drivers could be just down the road

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says cabs without drivers may soon be taking people where they want to go.
Posted In: driverless cars, Google, Amazon, Uber, taxis

The old-school basketball shoes that stepped up endorsement deals

Sales of basketball shoes hit $3.7 billion dollars last year. A look back at two athletes' endorsement deals that changed the industry.
Posted In: sneakers, shoes, Nike, Converse

McDonald's fast food advice becomes corporate PR lesson

McDonald’s is shutting down McResource, a website that offers tips to employees.
Posted In: McDonalds, public relations

What's the cost when unemployment benefits expire?

For 1.3 million Americans, long-term federal unemployment benefits expire this weekend.
Posted In: Unemployment, Jobs

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