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In the Weekly Wrap, Kai Ryssdal talks to Catherine Rampell from the New York Times and Felix Salmon from Reuters about the Federal Reserve's meeting this week. Yahoo's Marissa Mayer has named a new member to its board of directors. The Swiss bank UBS is likely to be fined around $1 billion for its role in a recent LIBOR scandal. To boost the country’s housing market, the Spanish government is offering a sweet deal to foreigners who buy a home there: citizenship. And Townsend Kyser, a catfish farmer from Greensboro, Ala., talks about how his business is doing after this summer’s drought.

UBS targeted in interest-rate rigging scandal

Swiss bank UBS is reportedly close to a $1 billion settlement with regulators over the LIBOR rate-rigging scandal.
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Final note: There are more than 58,000 gunshops in the U.S.

A final note on today's tragedy in Newtown, Conn.
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Revisiting the catfish economy

The effects of the summer's drought in the Midwest linger for catfish farmers in Alabama.
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Bringing wellness programs to every worker

As health care costs climb steadily for employers, wellness programs are moving to the factory floor.
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To fix housing collapse, Spain looks to foreigners

Spain mulls new law offering residency to foreigners who buy pricey property.
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What are corporate boards for?

Yahoo has had four different CEOs in quick succession. Now it's changed almost all its directors in a single year. What can that say about a company?
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What it will take to get a 6.5% unemployment rate

The Federal Reserve says it will keep interest rates near zero until the unemployment rate drops to 6.5 percent. But what will it take to get there?
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