Marketplace for Friday, December 10, 2010

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Marketplace for Friday, December 10, 2010

FAA canceling all registration certificates over next three years

The Federal Aviation Administration will require all planes, private and commercial, to re-register with the FAA, in light of a report that showed that the one-third of all airplanes had "questionable registration."
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Countries still working toward low-carbon agreement

As the U.N. climate conference gets ready to wrap up, there's still some sticking points before all 194 countries make an agreement. Scott Tong reports from Cancun, Mexico.
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Despite Fed stimulus plan, interest rates are still up

The Fed's most recent stimulus plan was aimed at getting interest rates to go down. But the opposite is happening -- mortgage rates at the highest they've been in six months. Stacey Vanek Smith explains what's going on.

Crashing the Wall Street parties, WikiLeaks-style

Is Wall Street back to the big celebratory bashes? With the help of something called "WallStreetWikiLeaks," a few actors, and a magic key to the party, Mitchell Hartman has the "story."

Iowa House targets professor sabbaticals at public universities

Republicans in the Iowa House of Representatives are targeting sabbaticals as a potential cut to the state's strained budget. But critics of the idea believe that sabbatical cuts won't save the state money.
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Tax code reforms of years past

Marketplace's John Dimsdale takes a look at the last tax code reform in 1986 and compares the economic climate then and now.
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Weekly Wrap: Taxes, taxes, taxes!

Kai Ryssdal talks to Heidi Moore of Dealbook and Felix Salmon of Reuters about extending the Bush-era tax cuts, revamping the tax code and what impact it'll have on the economy.
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