Marketplace for Friday, August 29, 2008

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Subscribing to steaks and chops

This weekend San Francisco hosts "Slow Food Nation" -- a celebration of locally grown food and sustainability. A handful of participating farms are experimenting with a new way to boost profits -- meat subscriptions. Lauren Sommer reports.

Hot Jobs: Baseball announcer

There's about a month left in Major League Baseball's regular season. But the minors have a long, hard season, too. To see what that world was all about, we went to Portland, Ore. to get the play-by-play. Last in a series.
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Ending 19 years of Week on Wall Street

In his final appearance on our regular Friday segment, stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson reflects with host Kai Ryssdal on his 19 years of watching the markets.
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GOP picks 'exceptionally average' state

Republicans have chosen a backdrop for their convention -- Minnesota -- that reflects some of the same economic problems the country, and the new president, are going to have to deal with. Annie Baxter reports.

New Orleans port readies for storm

New Orleans is right in the middle of the area where Hurricane Gustav is projected to make landfall. Kai Ryssdal talks with Tom LaGrange of the Port of New Orleans about the preparations being made.

Wall Street takes county to woodshed

In the mid-90's Alabama's Jefferson County issued $3 billion in bonds to pay for a new sewer system. But now the loan might end up dragging the county, which includes Birmingham, into the gutter. And Wall Street's not happy. Andrew Yeager reports.
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Comcast to cap customers' Internet use

The nation's biggest cable company is setting a limit on how much data its customers can transfer to and from their computers in a month. But the cap isn't really about the Internet. It's about TV. Dan Grech reports.
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