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Lance Armstrong is losing his titles, but he and his sponsors are betting his brand will endure. Tess Vigeland talks to journalist Nicholas Shaxson about the hundreds of pages of Mitt Romney's financial documents that Gawker published yesterday. Excitement is drumming up for the national political conventions, but what's even more rewarding is what happens when they end -- the campaign money. Looks like the economy has helped cause the U.S. birthrate to drop to its lowest in 25 years. And our Payday series concludes with a naked discussion amongst friends about salaries, and what's enough to make you happy.

Verdict: Samsung infringed on Apple patents

A California jury has reached a decision in the nearly month-long trial between the two tech giants.
Posted In: samsung, apple

Bad economy has pushed birth rate down

The slow economy has parents rethinking plans to expand their families.
Posted In: kids, family

Weekly Wrap: Defending the big banks

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The markets aren't budging, and a defense for big banks by one of the architects of the JPMorgan Chase merger.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Mitt Romney faces more questions about tax havens

A look at offshore banking and tax havens used by the super rich and multinational corporations.
Posted In: Mitt Romney, 2012 election

The naked paycheck

A group of friends break the pay taboo and bare their salaries.
Posted In: salary, income

Candidates poised to tap general election money

Federal law has kept money raised for the general election off limits until Mitt Romney and Barack Obama become official nominees.
Posted In: campaign spending

Lance Armstrong ends fight against doping charges

The seven-time Tour de France champion will lose his titles. But he and sponsors are betting his brand will endure.
Posted In: lance armstrong, tour de france

Rembrandt etching lost in the mail

And the Norwegian art gallery who sent it didn't get insurance.
Posted In: Rembrandt

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