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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced he will be stepping down soon, so Microsoft must find a replacement. Without Bill Gates, or Ballmer, and with a changing tech landscape -- Microsoft needs to look at someone with experience in mobile and innovative computing. Also, why didn't NASDAQ have a backup system to prevent yesterday's hiatus? And finally, Ben Affleck is the new Batman. The world gives the casting choice a big thumbs down.

In report on NFL injuries, ESPN opts for the sidelines

ESPN has pulled out of an investigative project about head injuries in the National Football League. The league denies pressuring ESPN in any way.
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CVS receipts that go on and on ... and on

CVS prints long receipts have become an internet meme.
Posted In: CVS, internet memes, receipts

What happened on the Nasdaq anyway?

The Weekly Wrap on Nasdaq's major glitch on Thursday, plus looking ahead to the central bankers meeting at Jackson Hole.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, NASDAQ

No, your phone doesn't use as much electricity as a refrigerator

Widely reported: your smartphone uses the same amount of electricity as two refrigerators. Why some ideas stick around, true or not.
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Michael Keaton, George Clooney and the 'Batfleck'

Everybody has their capes in a twist over Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight. But the franchise is like the superhero himself. It always wins.
Posted In: Batman, Dark Knight, Val Kilmer, Catwoman

Nasdaq glitch: Why no backup?

The Nasdaq closure had nothing to do with rogue or erroneous orders. The system that shows stock prices failed.
Posted In: Wall Street, new york stock exchange, NASDAQ

Help wanted: New Microsoft CEO

Mark Zuckerberg probably has enough on his plate that he won't apply to succeed Steve Ballmer.
Posted In: Microsoft, Facebook, bill gates

On Steve Ballmer's intensity

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer likes to rally the troops.
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