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The Department of Justice has decided not to press charges against Goldman Sachs for allegations that the company deceived investors. It looks like Manchester United's ardent fan base didn't show up for the soccer team's stock debut in the NYSE. Cigar smoking is gaining popularity with a younger crowd. The underground water supply that people in Lubbock, Texas, had been able to rely on in the past is now quickly dwindling. And with the Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games nearing, normally pessimistic Londoners can now breathe an easy sigh -- the Games have gone smoothly.  

Goldman Sachs dodges criminal prosecution

The Justice Department drops probe into Goldman mortgage deal. Four years after the financial crisis, there’s still no criminal conviction on Wall Street.
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Famed soccer team Manchester United debuts on NYSE

Manchester United's IPO raised $230 million, but not much excitement. Why are investors coy about publicly traded sports teams?
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Missouri cattle rancher still hopes for rain

Cattle rancher Ken Lenox says farmers in Missouri are struggling with the Midwest drought. Some have resorted to tapping wells they haven't used in decades to provide water for their herds.
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Brits think the Games have gone maybe, sort of, OK

London Olympics go smoothly despite trademark British glumness heading into them.
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Cigar smoking among black high schoolers on the rise

American teens are smoking cigarettes less these days. But the number of black high school students who smoke cigars has nearly doubled in recent years.
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In Texas, water may be free, but it's not forever

Tapping the Ogallala Aquifer decades ago turned the Panhandle into fertile farmland. Drought is reviving concern that water in the ground, like oil, eventually runs out.
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Weekly Wrap: Goldman Sachs escapes criminal charges

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The Department of Justice decides not to press charges against Goldman Sachs.
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