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Monthly job numbers were released, and there are fewer workers in the workplace again, many of them leaving the job hunt discouraged. We talk to a discouraged worker about that choice. Plus, Bank of America is creating a new relationship between you and their ATMs -- they'll let you live chat with “tellers” who can assist you. All $1 bills for your $100 deposit? They can make it happen. At the top of the corporate food chain, corporate heads have been rolling this week, as boards punish poor performers. JC Penney cut their top executive's pay by 96 percent. We try to figure out why he's staying on with all the missing zeroes on his pay check.

Beware the rise of the robo-grader

EdX is launching a new free online service that grades papers and provides instant feedback on student essays.
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Why have so many people given up looking for work?

The jobs numbers are out and the work force is shrinking again. Why are people quitting their searches and what do they do once they've stopped? We hear from a discouraged worker.
Posted In: Unemployment, discouraged workers, Jobs

Staying on as a 4 percent of your usual pay

JCPenney cut a top executive's salary by more than 96 percent. Other corporate boards also took a whack this week at poor performers. The curious case of executives who know they're not doing well, but keep working anyway.
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Behind the ATM: Bank of America wants you to come back inside the actual bank

Banks have pushed customers to ATMs and online banking for years. Now Bank of America is inviting people to come in, chat, talk with real bankers and tellers.
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The sequester's ripple effects on jobs in March

The March jobs report disappoints, with only 88,000 jobs added. Analysts point to the sequester as a reason for the drop after a strong February.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Unemployment

Renting homes to recovering addicts, for a profit

A growing number of U.S. homeowners are renting rooms to recovering addicts and turning their properties into so-called ‘sober homes.’ It's a hot but sketchy new real estate market.
Posted In: Housing, recovery, rehab, sober

Burning paper iPhones: Transferring wealth to the afterlife in China

The Chinese are celebrating the annual tomb sweeping holiday, a day when people sweep the gravestones of their ancestors and burn money, paper villas, and cardboard consumer products in the belief that it'll comfort deceased loved ones.
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The latest fashion trend: Pajama bottoms as daywear

Trendsetters, take note: sales of men's pajamas bottoms have jumped 15 percent in the last year.
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