Marketplace for Friday April 25, 2014

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It was reported that Alibaba would be adding new shares to an impending deal that would push its IPO to $20 billion making it the largest IPO- ever. Marketplace's Sabri Ben-Achour picks apart why Alibaba might be worth this much. Plus, there's growing criticism over the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. A recent ad has been called "patronizing" and Dove's "most bulls**t ad yet." Mitchell explains the controversy, and looks at whether Dove/Unilever expected - and will even benefit from - this outrage. Then, Oregon waives the White Flag and turns its exchange over to the Fed model, because fixing it would be just too expensive.  Maryland is also a mess, so it’s taking the Connecticut model.  And you thought was the problem. We look at the states which are running their own exchanges going into year two.  
A Chinese Alibaba employee walks through

Alibaba files to go public: Yes, it's that big

Chinese e-commerce giant could be biggest U.S. IPO since Facebook.
Oregon's healthcare website

State exchanges going into year two, but slowly

Oregon waves the white flag and turns its exchange over to the feds, because fixing it would be just too expensive.

Weekly Wrap: Who's feeling those sanctions

Kai Ryssdal talks with Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post and Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal.
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Some of the emoticons Skype (still) has on offer.

Skype bans certain 'offensive' emoticons

While Yelp says :-), Skype says :-(
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A piece in a jigsaw puzzle. A missing piece.

Marketplace Datebook for the week of April 28, 2014
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Preparing middle-class workers for middle-skill jobs

Middle-skill jobs can support middle-class lives, but our education system isn’t getting people ready for them.
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Treasury Secretary defends sanctions on Russia

"Even the Russians are admitting that they are having an impact," Secretary Jack Lew said.
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