Marketplace for Friday April 11, 2014

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Sebelius Testifies At House Hearing On Failures Of Affordable Care Act Website
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The President has picked his budget adviser Sylvia Burwell to replace HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius. She’s the second director of the Office of Management and Budget to ascend to a higher position in the administration with Jacob Lew as her predecessor). What is it about the OMB – one of the wonkiest spots in a wonky town – that makes it such a good proving ground? Plus: Walmart is challenging Whole Foods with a new line of organic foods with sharply lower prices. But this isn’t meat or produce, its processed foods like spaghetti sauce and pasta. And therein lies the challenge: ain’t much organic wheat grown anywhere. Where you going to find commodity volumes of organic commodity grains, tomatoes and other ingredients? Also, Amazon just bought comiXology for Kindle – but you might be forgiven for thinking that comic geeks would revolt against anything that doesn’t come wrapped in an eminently swappable plastic sheath. Krissy takes a look at the business of making comics pay these days. 
Obama Announces His Choice For Health and Human Services Secretary To Succeed Sebelius

'If you can run the OMB, you can run anything.'

The president has picked his budget adviser Sylvia Mathews Burwell to head HHS.
Posted In: OMB, Sebelius
Burns And Tester Square Off In Montana Senate Race

Wal-Mart: Everday low (organic?) prices

Wal-Mart is challenging stores like Whole Foods with a new line of cheaper organic foods.
Posted In: organics

Digital comics: Violent sci-fi meets Joan Didion

Amazon just bought comiXology for Kindle. Why non-comics fans should care.
Posted In: digital comics, Comixology, Amazon

How 'Choose Your Own Adventure' was born

The popular series turns 35 this year, but do you know how it started?
Posted In: mental floss, CYOA

In which the government acknowledges Google

Senate Bill 2206 was introduced last week, cited as the Let Me Google That For You Act.
Posted In: Google. Coburn

What if you could kill your stolen phone?

A "kill switch" on smart phones would prevent thefts and possibly save billions of dollars.
Posted In: iPhone, android, kill switch

Nasdaq'ed: tech slide continues

It was a rough week for tech and bio-tech stocks.
Posted In: Tech, biotech, Earnings

Say cheese... all April long

Marketplace Datebook for the week of April 14, 2014
Posted In: grilled cheese, Pulitzer Prize

Can fast fashion compete with Prada?

H&M's high-end COS brand is set to launch in the U.S.
Posted In: fashion, h&m

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