Marketplace for December 30, 2010

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Marketplace for December 30, 2010

Considering housing as consumption, not investment

Interest rates on home loans are reaching seven-month highs, and prices are continuing to fall. So why did The Atlantic's Megan McArdle still decide to buy a home right now?
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Pope to set up watchdog to avoid further Vatican Bank scandals

In light of a criminal investigation into the Vatican Bank for accusations of money laundering and tax evasion, the Pope announced today that he is setting up a new watchdog to try and prevent further wrongdoings. Will the secretive Vatican Bank clean up its act? Stephen Beard reports.
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Big 3: How the U.S. auto industry turned things around

Things are looking pretty good for the auto industry right now, especially compared to 2009, which was a disaster. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bob Moon about what the industry did to turn things around, how the Big 3 are doing, and whether the bailouts worked.
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Is the commercial real estate market getting back to normal?

The sale of the landmark Hancock Tower building in Boston may be a sign of a return to normalcy in the commercial real estate market, some say.
Posted In: Housing

Flurry of temp workers fill posts during winter storms

As the huge eastern snowstorm stranded travelers everywhere, many businesses and restaurants in New York City strove to continue working in light of a smaller workforce. Marketplace's Gregory Warner reports on how some weathered the storm.
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Where is East Germany, 20 years after reunification?

The eastern German town of Bitterfeld is no longer one of the worst polluted areas of Europe. The town has cleaned up a lot in the 20 years since reunification, but its long-term economic future is still uncertain. Kyle James reports on what's happened in the past two decades.

New Yorkers debate over increasing number of bike lanes

Bikes are environmentally friendly -- given they're powered by your own energy -- but it's tough for traditionally auto-based cities to transition into a more bike-based one. Andrea Bernstein reports on the current bike lane debate going on in New York City.
Posted In: Transportation

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