Marketplace for December 16, 2008

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A green gift in carbon offsets

Giving away carbon offsets for the holidays isn't exactly glamorous, but it does help the environment. Joellen Easton reports on how the market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions is doing this holiday season.

Madoff scam is part of "the bezzle"

With the dust settling from the Madoff scandal, Harvard professor Richard Parker tells Tess Vigeland that more scams may yet be uncovered during this downturn. It's part of what economist John Kenneth Galbraith called "the bezzle."
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Country club circuit key to Madoff's rise

Bernard Madoff built the foundation for his Ponzi scheme by word of mouth at charity balls and country clubs from New York to Florida. And he's not the only one. Amy Scott reports.
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Sign of success: Slovakia to adopt euro

Slovakia has rebuilt itself since the end of communism, succeeding where many thought it would fail. In three weeks it will become a member of the eurozone. Stephen Beard reports.

Layoffs quiet construction business

In the face of a worsening economy, a small construction company in Oregon has laid off nearly all of its employees. Tess Vigeland speaks with Keith Knowles from Robert Knowles Construction about where his business goes from here.

Employees take hit as pay raises dip

A new survey says companies are scaling back on pay raises. Employee benefits may also take a hit in the near future as out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays are expected to rise. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Fed drops rate to record low

In a bold move to revive the economy, the Federal Reserve dropped the federal funds rate to 0.25%. Tess Vigeland talks with Bob Moon about the impact of the rate cut.
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