Marketplace for August 3, 2011

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Marketplace for August 3, 2011

Chinese people show frustration over corruption

After a high-speed train crash last month -- and the government's reactions afterward -- some Chinese are beginning to publicly show anger and resistance
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How locals saved a furniture company in Ohio

Three years ago, Norwalk Furniture was about to close for good. That didn't sit well with a dozen Ohio families, who now run the company
Posted In: Economy

Letters: U.S. credit, free TV and being number two

Going over listener's responses to past broadcasts. This week: the credit ratings agencies versus the U.S.; investors and entitlements; paying for TV; and being number two in the world.

Economic indicators are good...and bad

Are we spending or saving? What's behind the growth in auto sales? Are U.S. companies hiring or firing? Yes, depending on your perspective.
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Cut taxes for young professionals

Millions of Americans are out of work. Millions are just beginning their careers. So what can be done in this jobless recovery?

Everybody loses as the FAA remains unfunded

Congress has gone on vacation without funding the FAA. Now inspectors have to work without pay, and the nation goes $1.2 billion short
Posted In: Airlines

As recovery stalls, more Americans seek food assistance

One state -- Alabama -- added over a million to the food assistance rolls as tornadoes and the economy affected families
Posted In: Savings

Summer Reading: Roy Choi

Coloring outside the lines and rediscovering L.A. with <em>On the Road</em>
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