Marketplace for August 26, 2011

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Marketplace for August 26, 2011

A fellowship program for entrepreneurs

The new nonprofit Venture for America seeks to provide fresh talent for small startup companies in struggling cities. Think of it like a Teach for American program for entrepreneurship.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

The website you've been waiting for

At long last, the Obama administration launches a website that enables would-be wonks to explore the inner workings of federal departments and agencies. You can find it at

China's energy crisis takes spark out of some businesses

In the midst of its worst energy crisis in years, China has told some companies to expect rolling blackouts through the summer. That's making it hard to do business.

No new stimulus for now

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke looks to Congress instead.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

East Coast businesses prepare for Irene

New York City merchants search for sandbags in preparation for Hurricane Irene, while Wall Street worries about getting employees to work on Monday.
Posted In: Environment

Weekly Wrap: Bernanke scolds Washington

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: the Federal Reserve announces it can do little more for the economy, while consumer confidence continues to drop.
Posted In: Wall Street

U.S. foreign intervention: Changing of the Guard?

The U.S. participation in the Libyan conflict has been described as "leading from behind." Europe took a larger role in helping the revolution.

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