Marketplace for August 23, 2011

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Marketplace for August 23, 2011

A recovery is possible, but will take time

Financial expert and author John Mauldin says he thinks the world has to come to terms with a new economic reality, and could be on the road to recovery within five to six years.
Posted In: Economy

Bank of America can't shake doubters

Shares of the biggest U.S. bank continue to take a beating over concerns about bad mortgages and possible write offs. How bad could it get?
Posted In: Banks

Rush for Libya's oil

As the conflict ends, the fate of Libya's damaged oil industry rests with the National Ruling Council.
Posted In: Oil

Arizona State janitors swept up by recession

A look at the ASU community after budget cuts forced out most of the university's janitorial staff.
Posted In: Education

S&P deals with its own downgrade

Standard & Poor's finds itself the only credit rating agency to downgrade U.S. debt, while critics question its own credibility and investigators look into its rating of mortgage bonds.
Posted In: Economy

AEG launches new ticket service

AXS will compete with Ticketmaster in a shrinking concert business.
Posted In: Entertainment

Freakonomics: Fetal genetic testing raises big questions

Freakonomics correspondent Stephen Dubner explains the unexpected consequences of predetermining your baby's genetics.
Posted In: Health

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