Marketplace for April 5, 2011

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Marketplace for April 5, 2011

What the Nasdaq 100 rebalance means

New York Bureau Chief Heidi Moore discusses what impact the Nasdaq-100 Index rebalancing will have on some of the world's largest tech companies.
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Rep. Paul Ryan unveils 2012 budget blueprint

The House budget committee chair's plan packs in a lot, including tax cuts. Marketplace asks how a deficit-slashing plan can also cut taxes.

Federal budget deal hanging

Time is ticking down. Without a deal on fiscal 2011, the federal government shuts down Friday. And lots of federal workers won't be working.

In China, paying others to sweep ancestors' tombs

Today is the annual tomb-sweeping holiday in China, when, traditionally, people clean family tombs. But some Chinese are paying others to do the job.
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U.K. launches new survey on British happiness

The new survey on social "well-being" will give economists -- and voters -- a new tool for judging their leaders.

Airfares -- up and up as carriers hang together

Airfares have risen several times in the past year and may well go higher. Can customers do anything about it or do the airlines have the whip hand?
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Freakonomics: Better education through improved eyesight

How researchers raised test scores in rural China with the help of new specs for every kid in need.
Posted In: Education

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