Marketplace for April 15, 2011

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Marketplace for April 15, 2011

The World Bank's role in the Middle East

Rising food and oil prices will dominate discussions at the annual spring meetings for the World Bank and the IMF. Another topic of debate: The Middle East.

In Japan, a displaced auto worker copes and hopes

An auto worker from Fukushima, forced from home by radiation leaks, deals with life in a shelter near Tokyo -- and hopes to regain her home and job.

Gas prices are up, food is up, but no 'inflation'

The government's measure of "core inflation" excludes the main factors driving prices right now.

Weekly Wrap: Debt and federal spending

Felix Salmon of Reuters and CNBC's John Carney discuss debt and what bad things might happen if the U.S. government doesn't raise the debt ceiling.
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Mixed results for Cuba's free-market experiment

Last year Cuban President Raul Castro created a private sector made up of 178 different jobs. But that move has created an awkward marriage of socialism and capitalism.

Debate over Utah's guest-worker law heats up

Utah has taken a gentler approach to immigration compared to other states. But its guest-worker law has still managed to stir up controversy.
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