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The death toll in Egypt keeps mounting. What's it like trying to run a business in the midst of all the chaos? In the U.S., there's confusion about Obamacare and how it will work. That's giving scammers an opportunity. Why are more women taking unpaid internships? It's a "major" issue. Our Weekly Wrappers break down the latest new from Wall Street. Also, this weekend, FOX launches two cable sports channels it hopes will bring down ESPN. Will it work? Host Kai Ryssdal checks in from Sioux Falls, S.D., as part of the latest in our "American Futures" series. And would you buy a wine with the label, "For dummies?"

More women in unpaid internships: A 'major' issue

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's organization Lean In went looking for an unpaid editorial intern. The incident has highlighted the higher rate of women in unpaid internships.
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Egyptian business owners adapt to social unrest

A small business owner in Cairo came to work today, despite danger in the area.
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Confusion over Obamacare helps scammers

The Federal Trade Commission is fielding complaints from consumers who say they have been scammed with fake offers related to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.
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Introducing... 'Wines for Dummies'

A new wine aiming to make a splash is labeled "for dummies." It's the antithesis of wine snobbery, but will it sell?
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A rough week on Wall Street

Catching up on the business news of the week, from a reality check in the markets to Europe to the London Whale.
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Is Sioux Falls' 3.5% unemployment rate America's future?

Marketplace is partnering with The Atlantic, covering what the American economy looks like today, from smaller cities and towns across the country. First stop: Sioux Falls.
Posted In: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jobs

FOX launches sports channels to challenge ESPN

ESPN has been king of the hill in TV sports for three decades. But now FOX Sports aims to do to ESPN what Fox News did to CNN.
Posted In: News Corp., fox sports, Fox, espn

It might be time to invest in classic cars

An index of the 50 finest Ferraris and Porsches increased by 53 percent over the past two years.
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