Marketplace for 7/29/13 - Mad men to math men

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Big Data has changed advertising, which led to the big merger in the ad business over the weekend. Advertising is all about reaching consumers with hyper-targeted ads; it's less about "connecting" with them using sentiment and emotional messaging. The guys with the numbers win, and everybody from Google to Coca-Cola has their own numbers now. Also, Amazon says it is hiring 5,000 new full-time workers for its fulfillment centers. The jobs pay 30 percent above average retail wages. So then, the question is: Is working at a fulfillment center a "good" job?

Cutting government waste by crunching the numbers

What if you could apply the same techniques to government spending that investment advisers use to pick stocks? A Pew-MacArthur report looks at how states are using cost-benefit analysis.
Posted In: Iowa, public policy

Kevin Roose tries living surveillance-free for a day

New York Magazine writer Kevin Roose spent a day trying to live completely surveillance-free.
Posted In: surveillance, privacy

Chinese dreamin' on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Marketplace China Correspondent Rob Schmitz wraps up his year-long series about the people on a single street in Shanghai - Changle Lu, or The Street of Eternal Happiness. He revisits two people to find how they're achieving their 'Chinese dreams.'
Posted In: China, Shanghai

The supply and demand of pound puppies

An export route has developed along the eastern seaboard with an unlikely commodity: homeless pets.
Posted In: pets, dogs, animals

Is a job at Amazon a 'good job'?

Amazon is hiring 5,000 new full-time workers at its fulfillment centers.
Posted In: manufacturing, Jobs, Unemployment, Amazon,

Forget Mad Men -- the math men are in charge

Everybody from Google to Coca-Cola is collecting data and eating into the traditional territory of advertising.
Posted In: advertising, marketing, big data

Help wanted: Instagram skills required

A new study shows requirements for social media skills are up from just last year.
Posted In: social media, instagram, Twitter

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