Marketplace for 7/26/13 - BP's frenemies

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Halliburton and BP may be seeking to shift blame the Deep Horizon accident on each other and save billions. In court, and in the newspapers, they seem at each others' throats. But as leading companies in their industry, they -- and Transocean -- will have to figure out how to get along. Plus, most businesses get hammered by the markets when they fail to meet profit expectations -- even if they’re earning billions. The expectations seem not to hold true of Amazon: Investors seem happy enough to watch it grow and invest with no profits.

The final interview with George Mitchell, father of fracking

The 94-year-old oil pioneer who changed the face of the energy industry with his fracking procedure died today. He gave his final interview to Marketplace's Scott Tong.
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One family rebuilds in northern Michigan

One Michigan mother describes the year she went "from broke to badass" on her northern Michigan farm.
Posted In: Michigan, foreclosure

Mobile homes: The original housing bubble

The mobile home industry had its heyday 15 years ago. Since then, sales have fallen by about 90 percent.
Posted In: mobile homes, RVs, real estate, foreclosure

Bernanke's successor likely won't overhaul things

The battle for the next head of the Federal Reserve has heated up amid charges of sexism.
Posted In: Fed, Weekly Wrap

Chevy Impala: The great American car?

Move aside Lexus, and make way for the first American car to top "Consumer Reports" list in decades.
Posted In: Ford, Chevy, muscle cars, consumer reports

Jeff Bezos' plan for world domination: Lose money

Most businesses get hammered by the markets when they fail to meet profit expectations; not Amazon.
Posted In: Amazon, jeff bezos, Wall Street

BP, Halliburton: Best Frenemies Forever?

Halliburton and BP work together in the oil fields, despite disagreements over fault in the BP oil spill.
Posted In: BP, Transocean, deepwater horizon, macondo

Indie bands tour Alaska to make 'a chunk of change'

Some independent musicians and small bands have discovered a new frontier in Alaska, where they can actually make decent money on the road.
Posted In: music industry, Alaska

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