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With the latest jobs report out, a look at how jobs and growth are linked. Three of the world's biggest oil companies reported smaller quarterly earnings compared to a year ago. What's going on with the oil industry? Texas is running low on pentobarbital, the state execution drug. Why is it having trouble getting more? Also, a record number of U.S.  students are heading to China to do their summer internships. Not all of 'em work out, though. Plus, "Sharknado" director Anthony Ferrante discusses the phenomenon of his movie. And Hot Pockets is revamping to appeal to foodies. Will the makeover work?

Why the market won't supply lethal injection drugs to Texas

Texas and other states face shortages of drugs used in execution. But that demand isn't yielding a new supply.
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'Sharknado' -- How the low-budget flick went from Twitter to the big screen

Once upon a time a little low-budget movie about a tornado and sharks taking over Los Angeles became a hit on Twitter, and grew up to head to a movie theater near you.
Posted In: Sharknado, film, Entertainment

July jobs report shows another summer slowdown

Wrapping up the week's news of Fabrice Tourre's securities fraud verdict, the July jobs report and who might take over the Federal Reserve next.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

'Homeless for a month': U.S. interns in China learn to reset expectations

With more American college students heading to China for their summer internships, they're learning that just because it's the world's second largest economy doesn't mean that it's the most developed one. How one group of students got stuck working at a Chinese amusement park.
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Why Big Oil is smaller these days

Four of the world's biggest oil companies -- Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP -- reported smaller quarterly earnings compared to a year ago.
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A job is born: The link between growth and work

The economy added 162,000 jobs in July while GDP in the second quarter grew at a 1.7% annual rate. So, what's the relationship between jobs and growth?
Posted In: GDP, Jobs

Hot Pockets heat up with effort to lure foodies

The handheld, sandwich-like pastry is relaunching with healthier, higher-quality ingredients to appeal to millennials.
Posted In: Hot Pockets, marketing, Food

Red pants aren't snobby, right?

But it's tradition here at Marketplace!
Posted In: fashion, United Kingdom

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