Marketplace for Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, October 14, 2010

The SEC trying to clamp down on pay-to-play schemes

Political advisers are allowed to pitch their skills to pension funds over lunch -- but vacations and sports games? Not so much. The Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to curb pay-to-play schemes, perhaps making an example out of a Wall Street financier who was part of one.
Posted In: Retirement

Will there be another banking crisis?

Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson about how the latest mortgage scandal will affect the economy.
Posted In: Banks, Housing

What is Google's Price Index?

The Internet search giant is looking into creating price index, similar to the Consumer Price Index, that can track inflation based on what people are buying online every day. How accurate can it get? Tony Arnold reports.
Posted In: Economy, Internet

What Verizon's iPad means for AT&T

Apple has announced that Verizon will begin selling the iPad by the end of this month, with rumors that the two will connect for the iPhone next year. But where does that leave AT&T? Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.

Oakley recieves a projected cool $41 mil thanks to Chilean miners

This final note today. A Marketplace angle on the Chilean mine rescue. Specifically, the sunglasses they were all wearing when they came up. CNB...
Posted In: advertising, Chile, miners, Oakley, sunglasses

The Yankees' monopoly in baseball

The New York Yankees are set to play in the AL Championship Series, chasing their 28th title in a century. Other teams in the league have never even reached the World Series. Why such a monopoly? Jon Wertheim gives his take.
Posted In: Sports

Indian brides tricked into abandonment

Indian families are usually keen to marry their daughters off to men overseas, who are seen to have better prospects. But there's little these families can do if the groom takes their dowries and lavish gifts before abandoning the bride. Raymond Thibodeaux reports from New Delhi.

How do we measure standards of living?

Are regular economic indicators still the best way to measure our economy? In our latest Economy 4.0 report, David Brancaccio investigates into why alternative indicators might be moving into the mainstream.
Posted In: Economy, Housing, Personal Finance

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