Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, July 2 2014

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The US Marshall Service has auctioned off 30,000 bitcoin since Friday – the auction seems to have created a new class of bitcoin buyers – but there's still mystery around who the buyers are and how much they bought. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall-Genzer sorts it out. Plus, Malini Mithal, an attorney with the FTC, talks about the agency's filing against T-Mobile, alleging that the company over-charged customers for SMS services. And author Ted Conover and his son Asa join us to talk about train hopping, and how technology is changing the experience of riding the rails.

Train-hopping in the digital age

A father-son duo recount how technology changed clandestine freight train travel.
Posted In: railroad, gps, smartphone

Bitcoin auction gives the currency more legitimacy

The auction of seized bitcoins raises both awareness and value of the currency.
Posted In: bitcoin, Silk Road, US Marshals Service

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