Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, July 15 2014

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First up, Marvin Ammori, a lawyer and internet policy expert, talks about what’s next in the net neutrality debate after the end of the FCC’s public comment period. Plus, a look at Home Depot’s plans to sell 3D printers for $1400 to $3000 dollars each -- Who's buying them, and why? What do they print? Finally, Topher White, CEO and founder of Rainforest Connection, talks about using recycled cell phones to monitor for the sound of illegal logging.

Why Google and Novartis are teaming up

First there was Google Glass. Now, there might be Google contact lenses.
Posted In: Google, FDA

Hammer, lumber, 3-D printer? Home Depot sells it all

Home Depot is selling 3D printers starting at $1400 apiece. We have questions.
Posted In: 3-d, 3D printing, Home Depot
Logger in forest

Cellphones as logging detectors

An entrepreneur looks to fight illegal loggers, one used cellphone at a time.
Posted In: deforestation, Cellphones, logging

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