Marketplace Tech for Thursday, July 10, 2014

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Hundreds of thousands of electronic disability claims at the VA are languishing incomplete, but no one is sure why. Annie Baxter joins us to explain the problem and look at the knock-on effects of so many unprocessed claims. Then, Lindsey Turrentine, Editor-in-Chief of reviews at CNET, talks about LG’s kid-tracking device, KizON. Finally, what’s the fewest number of followers you can have and still pique the interest of advertisers – 10k? How do the offers you’d get from advertisers to pitch for them change when you have 100K, 500K, 1 million followers?  Tracy Samuelson takes a look at how companies and social media influencers find each other.

How much are social media followers worth?

Advertisers are showing interest in social media stars with modest followings.
Posted In: instagram, Vine, social media

Thousands of disability claims in limbo at the VA

Vets may think their claims have gone through, but they're hung up in the system.
Posted In: veterans affairs, disability
LG KizON device

New device aims for paranoid-parent market

Electronics-maker LG causes a stir with a new child-tracking wearable device.
Posted In: wearable tech, privacy, children

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