Marketplace Tech for Thursday, August 21, 2014

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First up, more on the news that the ACLU is suing a school district in Massachusetts for letting only low-income kids take home their school laptops and other electronics. Other kids have to provide their own or do without after the school day is finished. We ask: how common is this practice, and could this suit be the tip of the iPad iceberg? Plus, Karen North, a professor of social media and psychology at USC Annenberg, talks about how graphic and violent content spreads on the web, and what users can do to keep it out of their news feeds.

If you give a kid an iPad...

The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts over its tablet policies.
Posted In: schools, low-income families, iPad

Building a better news feed

When social media algorithms confuse engagement with approval.
Posted In: Twitter, social media, algorithm

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