Marketplace Tech for Monday, July 28, 2014

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With Nissan releasing its earnings following the company’s announcement that owners of its electric car, the ‘Nissan Leaf,' will pay the surprisingly low price of $5,500 for a replacement battery, we look at how Nissan managed to keep the price so low, and if the move will pay off. Plus, we talk to Ibrahim Abdul-Matin about social media apps and other ways Muslims use technology during Ramadan.  Finally, we talk to Chiara Atik about voyeurism on Venmo, a mobile banking app.

Car companies are happy to lose money on electric cars

Why Nissan is willing to lose money on the Leaf.
Posted In: Nissan, batteries, electric car
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Mobile payments app offers a window on intimacy

A new payments app allows for a close look at the how and who of spending.
Posted In: mobile payments, social network, online privacy

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