Marketplace Tech for Monday, August 25, 2014

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First, we look ahead to Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows 9. The OS is still an important cash cow to the company. Now that Satya Nadella has replaced Steve Ballmer as CEO, what will Windows 9 say about his vision? Then, Julie Äsk, Vice President at Forrester Research, talks about why so few people are downloading new mobile apps. Finally, Adrienne LaFrance, an editor and technology reporter at The Atlantic, joins us to talk about why Pandora has better diversity numbers than other Silicon Valley tech companies.

What will Windows 9 say about Microsoft's new CEO?

The next version of Windows could reveal a lot about Satya Nadella's vision.
Posted In: Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, windows
Pandora workship

Pandora near parity on gender stats

Pandora has surprised observers with its near-equal gender representation.
Posted In: pandora, diversity, gender equality

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