Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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A month ago, 'Google Nose' was an April Fool's prank: Sniff your laptop for eau de wet-dog or scent of Egyptian tomb. But it turns out real engineers have been working on smell tech. John Laurenson reports from a film festival in the Austrian city of Linz, where a smelly movie has just premiered. And, when Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer curbed the ability of employees to work from home, she got rapped by those who saw this as old-thinking. Now, the company is trying to make Yahoo a more attractive place to work by, among other things extending maternity and paternity leave.

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Measuring the unintended consequences of drones

What are the unintended consequences of pilotless drone aircraft used to kill suspected terrorists overseas?
Posted In: drones, Barack Obama

Smells -- coming soon to a theater near you?

Maybe you saw the ‘Google Nose’ April Fool's prank, where users clicked on 'wet dog' and sniffed their laptops to find out what it smells like. Well new smell technology is not a joke -- or not only a joke.
Posted In: smells, movies, Google

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