Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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At long last, a tech company has promised to tackle head on a problem it created. Google says it is making tweaks to the commenting on YouTube. The comment threads on the video sharing site have long been considered the seedy underbelly of self expression online. The company's proposed solution is three-pronged. YouTube will allow the person who posted a video more control over the comments section. It will also leverage Google's massive data powers to give people browsing a custom view.

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The Chamber of Commerce gets into...cyber security?

The second annual Cyber Security Summit kicks off today -- and big business is invited to the party.
Posted In: Tech, cybersecurity, Target, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cyber Security Summit

Care to comment on the change to online comments?

Google says it is making tweaks to the commenting system on YouTube.
Posted In: Tech, online comments, YouTube, Google, PopSci

Medical apps face new FDA regulation

There are nearly 100,000 medical apps available on mobile devices.
Posted In: FitBit, FitBit flex, healthcare, apps

FAA eases its rules on using electronic devices on planes

The Federal Aviation Administration is relaxing the rules on electronic device use during takeoff and landing.
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Malfunctioning technology -- as seen on TV!

A compilation of one of our favorite TV and movie tropes -- malfunctioning technology.
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