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Most actors are lucky to play one iconic role over their careers. LeVar Burton has played at least three. Besides his breakthrough role in 1977's "Roots" and his career-defining turn as Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in "Star Trek: The Next Generation," for over 20 years, Burton was best known to a few generations of American children as the host of PBS's "Reading Rainbow." The series went off the air in 2005, but Burton keeps "Reading Rainbow" alive as an app and an educational company. Plus, a look at the new iPad, and a discussion of why Blackberry Messenger will outlive the Blackberry phone.

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Facebook (sort of) lifts ban on graphic videos

Nudity is still not okay, though.
Posted In: Facebook, censorship

Marketplace voicemail: Take a look, it's in a book

It's hard to have a conversation with LeVar Burton about Reading Rainbow without getting the show’s iconic theme song stuck in your head.
Posted In: LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton talks literacy and his 'Reading Rainbow' app (Plus, a quiz!)

LeVar Burton sits down to talk with Marketplace Tech. Plus, check out our LeVar Burton quiz. We'll give you a plot line, and you tell us: Is it a "Star Trek" episode? Or a "Reading Rainbow" book?
Posted In: star trek, Reading Rainbow, Gene Rodenberry

Blackberry is dead; Long live BBM!

Blackberry Messenger was downloaded over 5 million times in eight hours when it was made available for iPhone and Android.
Posted In: mobile apps, Blackberry

Apple unveils new iPads, but no smart watch yet

If you were waiting for Tim Cook to debut a revolutionary smart watch or television, yesterday wasn't your day.
Posted In: apple, iPad

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