Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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In honor of Twitter's initial public offering, scheduled for tomorrow, today's show is all about Twitter. Bells will ring, investors will line up and company leaders are hoping that the New York Stock Exchange will not repeat the NASDAQ's bungling of Facebook's IPO last year. But it won't just be Twitter's employees and potential investors who are watching. A lot of people in the tech world think Twitter's IPO is signaling an important moment for the industry.

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Twitter IPO: 'The end of Twitter's creative phase'

As Twitter prepares to become a publicly traded company, investors are expecting a lot. But users? That's a different story.
Posted In: Twitter IPO, Twitter, Facebook

Now that Twitter has to make money, can it keep innovating?

When a tech company like Twitter goes public, the pressure is on to make money and lots of ideas get tried out.
Posted In: Twitter IPO, Jack Dorsey, VCs

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