Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Part of the promise of new technology is that it can help protect us when things go terribly wrong -- through prevention and appropriate reaction. San Francisco-based company Recovers is sending a group of employees to Moore, Oklahoma in the wake of Monday's tornado. They'll use tech skills and experience from other disasters to help.

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The added value of autistic employees

German business software company SAP has announced a push to hire autistic people. SAP says autistic employees raised company productivity and engagement.
Posted In: Germany, SAP, autism, Tech

Americans are not happy with their Internet service providers

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index is out, and one industry in an unfortunate spot when it comes to customer satisfaction: Internet service providers.
Posted In: ISPs, consumer, Internet, telecom

Community disaster relief with help from a tech company

Caitria O'Neill, CEO of tech company Recovers, explains the digital challenges of natural disasters and recovery.
Posted In: tornado, oklahoma, natural disasters

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