Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Yesterday Google unveiled its operating system for wearable tech like smart watches. It's called Android Wear. While Pebble, Samsung and other companies have broken the ice with hardware, the entrance of a big player in software is a big step for wearable devices. And as the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, there has been a lot of discussion of crowdsourcing. A digital version of the old fashioned search party can be a powerful tool. So while investigators investigate, lots of people have been scouring satellite images at their desk.

95 percent of U.S. ATMs run on Windows XP

What will ATMs do when Microsoft stops supporting the OS?
Posted In: Microsoft, ATM, XP, windows, computers, operating systems

The danger of crowdsourcing the search for Flight 370

Millions flocked to Tomnod to help find Flight 370
Posted In: Malaysian Airlines

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