Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Here's a story that sounds like a Steven Spielberg movie -- and it is about a Steven Spielberg movie, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Atari created a video game based on the hit film, which is still called the worst video game ever. But here's where it gets weird: Atari reportedly attempted to bury the game -- literally -- in the desert, in New Mexico. 30 years later, Canadian gaming company Fuel Entertainment is trying to find out if the stories are true, and if so, dig it up.

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Microsoft considers reorganization, grapples with death of PC

Microsoft may be on the verge of a massive restructuring. The company has had an interesting year -- neither Windows 8 nor the company's new Surface tablet have been home runs.
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Do those grocery bags say

According to Reuters, Amazon is on the verge of bringing online grocery delivery to cities across the country.
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E.T. phone home: In search of Atari's lost E.T. video game

A Canadian gaming company is trying to uncover the 30-year mystery of Atari's E.T. video game and its alleged desert disappearance.
Posted In: atari, video games

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