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Big companies sponsor concert tours of big artists all the time. But here's a strange marriage: Jonas Brothers and Chinese tech company Huawei. Huawei wants to be known in America for its new smartphones. But so far, it's mostly famous in Congress. Lawmakers worry Huawei could be part of a vast Chinese spying conspiracy.

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Can the Jonas Brothers quell Huawei spying concerns?

Chinese tech company Huawei is teaming up with pop group Jonas Brothers to boost its image in America. Huawei wants to be known in the U.S. for its new smartphones, but so far, it's mostly famous in Congress.
Posted In: huawei, China, smartphones

A new plan to fight piracy online: Take away those ad dollars

Content providers -- like Disney or Fox -- are now asking companies delivering online ads -- the Googles of the world -- to stop working with websites that allow illegal file sharing.
Posted In: Google, piracy, copyright, online advertising

Sizing up Batman's 2013 expenses

Mashable has an infographic tallying up the likely costs of utility belts, Batmobiles and tasteful cave furniture for Batman through the years -- adjusted for inflation of course.
Posted In: Batman, New York City, real estate

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