Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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One piece of news that maybe won't blow your mind is that our mobile use around the world is way, way up. In 2013, it grew a 115 percent over the previous year. That's according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. Why? Well here's the interesting part: A lot of things drove growth. Music and other media, games, news all played a role. But the big kahuna of mobile usage last year? Messaging. Simply: The new ways in which we communicate.

Why does the NSA spy?

The National Security Agency says it never shares intelligence with US businesses. Or does it?
Posted In: nsa, spying, surveillance

This is not your grandfather's tin foil hat...

An accessory that actually works to ward off neuroimaging surveillance.
Posted In: tin foil hat, aliens, brain scans, surveillance, Futurama, Signs

Mobile messaging is more popular than ever. But not TEXT messaging.

Messaging is driving a huge spike in mobile use. But text messaging has actually decreased. So what gives?
Posted In: mobile, cell phones, text messaging, apps

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