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Hackers managed to compromise a group of computers at Apple -- much like they did earlier this week at Facebook. What does this mean? Macs, which are usually touted for their resiliance against viruses and hacks, are being put into the crosshairs by cybercriminals because they're being used more often. And, there's a new game coming out from the makers of 'Halo,' called 'Destiny.' The game's makers say it's the future. Is it?   

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Halo makers see 'Destiny' as gaming's future

A new project called 'Destiny',' made by some of Halo’s original creators, aims to revive fallen-off gamers.
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Microsoft kills Hotmail, pushing users to

By the end of the summer, Hotmail will be no more. Its parent, Microsoft, is converting Hotmail to a new 21st century emailer called
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Can Apple be hacked? Apparently, yes

Apple is reporting some of its company computers were hacked on Tuesday and is laying the blame with an Internet plug-in called Java.
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