Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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As more viewers move to tablets, phones and computers, TV manufacturers are trying out all sorts of interesting new features to catch the interest of consumers. At a big event  in New York, Samsung unveiled a new set of high-end televisions. And, here's an idea so simple it's shocking it doesn't already exist: We have these super powerful tiny computing devices that walk around with us. Why not make one so that turns into a proper desktop or laptop computer? One company wants to do that.

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YouTube ads are the new frontier for fraud

Advertising fraud now comes in video form.
Posted In: fraud, online advertising, YouTube

Should parents play NSA to their children's online activities?

Parents want to make sure their children are safe when using the internet, but at what point does monitoring your kids become needless spying?
Posted In: parenting, Internet, children

Will Ubuntu revolutionize mobile computing?

A startup seeks to make your smartphone into your PC.
Posted In: mobile, smartphones, cloud computing

Watch two shows on the same TV? You can with Samsung's OLED TV

The electronics giant introduces a new curved screen model that allows viewers to watch two different programs on the same television at once.
Posted In: samsung, television

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