Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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The Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that may impact both how we watch television in the future and how we use cloud computing. The case, ABC vs. Aereo, has broadcasters arguing about a violation of copyright. But Aereo, which rents you an antenna so you can watch and record broadcast television on your devices, argues it's just a rabbit ears rental company in a startup's body. Plus, Apple gets on the phone to tell investors about just how well it's last quarter went.

Amazon Prime scoops up some of HBO's hottest titles

It’s the first time HBO has made its shows available to an online-only subscription streaming service.
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PODCAST: Is Apple the new Microsoft?

Apple is expected to report mostly flat revenues from a year ago. One famed activist investor says there is a tech bubble and he's betting against it. And, film and TV production flee LA for big tax subsidies in states like Georgia and New York.

Aereo case has its head in the clouds

A ruling in the case against Aereo could have a lot of larger implications in the tech world.
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Are Apple's halcyon growth days over?

Apple is expected to report mostly flat revenues from a year ago.
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