Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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If you're looking for the holiday gift of 2013, no, it still isn't fruit cake. It's tablets. Gartner projects tablet sales will rise 53 percent this year, while PC sales will drop 11 percent. Today, Nokia, Microsoft, and Apple are all releasing new tablets -- and the stakes are high. What's one thing people seem to be doing more and more on their tablets and other devices? Hooking up. There's a new Pew report out on dating in the digital era and research suggests attitudes toward dating online are improving.

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Silicon Valley loves Washington gridlock

Does Silicon Valley have, in the words of a New York Magazine writer, a "dysfunction fetish"?
Posted In: Silicon Valley, government shutdown 2013

New iPad: Not the only new tablet out there

With new tablets from Apple, Microsoft, and Nokia, the tablet wars are moving to a new battlefield.
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White House orders 'tech surge' for dysfunctional

President Obama says the nation's top techies will work to fix the Obamacare website quickly, but do they have enough time?
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Attitudes change toward online dating

More people than ever are using apps and sites to hookup.
Posted In: online dating

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