Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Proper care for certain patients could save $300 billion annually, says consulting firm Oliver Wyman.
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The Obama administration is rolling out its Affordable Care Act website tomorrow, but based on expected tech glitches, early adoption of health care tech might not be advisable. Twitter has kept quiet about its IPO -- how might the site monetize its user base and make good on its billion dollar promise to potential investors?

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Government shutdown causes problems online too

The shutdown is causing many federal agencies -- and their websites -- to close down.
Posted In: Tech, government shutdown, Congress

Twitter hopes to learn from Facebook's IPO mistakes

How will Twitter monetize its user base?
Posted In: Twitter, Facebook, IPO

It may be smart to wait a while before you sign up for the new health care plan

The new Affordable Care Act health exchanges go live Tuesday morning, but will the website function properly?
Posted In: health care, ACA, Affordable Care Act, health exchanges, Obamacare, glitches

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