Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Private security firm Mandiant says hacking attacks that originate in China have resumed after an apparent three-month hiatus. One form of hacking that is getting a lot of attention is something called spear phishing. Recently an organization calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army used spear phishing to attack several media organizations. And Microsoft will announce the latest Xbox gaming console. CNET's Lindsey Turrentine says it's about time.

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Hack back: Spear phishing and how you can avoid it

'Spear phishing', a form of targeted hacking, is drawing a lot of attention. How can you protect yourself?
Posted In: hackers, hacking, spear phishing, China

New York tech scene celebrates Tumblr purchase

Members of the New York City's tech scene are celebrating the announcement that Yahoo will buy the NY-based blogging service Tumblr.
Posted In: Yahoo, tumblr, New York City, Silicon Valley, Tech

A new Xbox, and the future of unbreakable screens

The company LG says it's going to show off a flexible 5-inch screen this week which could soon be a normal part of our phones and tablets. And Microsoft is revealing its latest Xbox gaming console today.
Posted In: xbox, lg, mobile, video games

NASA footage shows meteor crashing into moon

Things crashing into the moon -- that's how the third Transformers movie starts right? Sorry Michael Bay, when it comes to explosions, we'd rather watch the NASA source footage.
Posted In: moon, NASA, space

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