Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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First up, Carl Howe, vice president and senior analyst at Yankee Group, stops by to talk about Blackberry’s encrypted messaging service: BBM Protected. Plus, Lindsey Turrentine, Editor-in-chief of reviews at CNET, on Google Fit and Apples’ health kit – and how companies like Google and Apple can benefit from being the gateway for aggregated health and lifestyle data. Then we head under the sea, where Faien Cousteau, grandson of the explorer Jacques Cousteau, talks about living and working in an underwater habitat.

Foreign banks ask China: Where's our copper?

In China, a warehouse of copper is used over and over again as collateral for loans.
Posted In: China, commodities, scam, loans

Live from under the sea, it's Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau will spend 31 days living in an underwater laboratory
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