Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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The founder of Megaupload -- the file-sharing website shut down after being accused in the largest criminal copyright case in U.S. history -- has a new project. It's called Mega, and it's a lot like Megaupload. But a new report suggests that piracy on the part of users may not be such a bad thing. Also, the future of libraries seems to be shifting away from books -- but not if the library patrons have anything to say about it, according to a new report. 

Kim Dotcom sticks it to the man, again, with Mega; The future of libraries

The eccentric Megaupload founder is back with a new service that's sure to be a stick in the craw of the U.S. federal prosecutors pursuing a copyright infringement case against him. Also, libraries may be moving to a bookless future, but not if patrons have anything to say about it.
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