Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Every year on my birthday, I'm amazed to discover how many people on Facebook remember. Thanks guys. Well today, some people might be posting well wishes on Facebook's wall. The social network turns 10 years old today. And for a little 10-year-old, it's had some major impact on our online lives. And this week, the wearable tech company Pebble launched it's app store, offering downloads like Yelp notifications that will appear on your smartwatch. But there's a problem: Battery life. As wearable technology grows, our battery power will need to grow too.

New tech calls for better batteries

One challenge facing consumer electronics makers is the need for batteries that hold a longer charge.
Posted In: batteries

After 10 years of reminding you of other people's birthdays...

The Facebook newsfeed celebrates one of its own. Which product changed the news business forever?
Posted In: Facebook, birthdays, newsfeed

When you lose $300,000 on a video game

A battle for virtual territory in the massively online game EVE Online was its most costly, ever.
Posted In: gaming, video games, EVE Online

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